Our Quality Commitment

The CBD Hemp Flower industry is in its infancy; therefore, regulations and standards are minimal at best. We understand that it’s hard to find a company that cares more about the quality of the product than the quick dollar from the sale. But we also feel strongly that you should be able to find quality high CBD hemp flower that has been vetted with the utmost care during every step of the process. That’s why our mission is to provide that to you.

From its beginning, our CBD hemp buds are grown in organic soil without the use of harmful pesticides, insecticides or other chemicals.

All the plants are sexed, removing the male parts.This produces a pure product with no seeds.

The whole plant is hung up to dry, and then the buds are carefully trimmed and stored for curing. Air is burped periodically until moisture content is around 6-9%.

We are currently working with a local University to run a full terpene, heavy metal and pesticide report for our CBD hemp flower.

COA’s (Certificate of Analysis) are included in every completed purchase. These COA’s are completed by a third party lab to ensure legality of product.

Extra care is taken during processing and packaging. We always seal your product in a mylar barrier bag and then vacuum seal it again, so your product stays fresh with no smell.

We then take extra care to provide discreet packaging, shipping in a blank standard bubble envelope. A QR code located on the label goes back to the batch test results.

Inside the package, we include all of the test results and a note to law enforcement with the proper FDA Language and Farm Bill compliance language.

We care about your experience with our company and our product. We hope you’ll see the difference that our commitment to quality brings to your CBD hemp flower.

These products are intended for use in making teas and coffees. No other use is implied.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.