Who We Are

  • We are a family run business based in the beautiful foothills of West Virginia.
  • We are passionate about two things – giving you the best quality hemp buds possible and providing customer service that is unmatched.
  • High CBD hemp has changed our lives in big ways. Here’s how.

Wade’s Story –

Our journey with high CBD hemp began out of desperation. At age 7, my oldest child, Aubrey, began to exhibit strange behaviors. Our sweet little girl who had once been calm, happy and carefree, started developing obsessions with small details of everyday life. At first, my wife and I were pleased with the changes as Aubrey would make sure her bed was made each day and that homework was done, placed in her backpack and secured in a special place.

But as the obsessions grew in scope and intensity, we both began to wonder what had happened to our sweet lit

tle girl. Compulsion over little details began to control her life and ours. She would too easily lash out at anyone in her way. P

hysical symptoms appeared in anxiety and panic attacks, simply when something didn’t go her way.  The drive to school became chaotic. If she realized she forgot to make her bed that morning, a panic attack would overtake her until we turned the car around and drove back home to accomplish the task. She would count her homework papers constantly on the way to school, afraid she was missing one.

Soon her obsessions turned highly irrational. She worried about choking on things like her Barbie dolls. One day when we decided to count, Aubrey said she thought she was choking 168 times…in one day.

A visit to the pediatrician only delivered a recommendation for very strong pharmaceuticals. But we

didn’t want that life for her.

So we kept searching for something better. That’s when we found CBD.

Not knowing much about it, I began taking the CBD oil first in order to protect Aubrey against any potential risks. But what I experienced absolutely amazed me. The anxiety that I myself had always carried around, simply went away!

And to our great relief, Aubrey’s symptoms followed suit. The same day she began CBD treatment, her anxiety disappeared.

The. Same. Day.

That was years ago, and she still takes it everyday. She is a totally functional and happy girl to this day because of CBD. Some days we forget. A few days of forgetting and her OCD starts to creep back into her life, which serves to immediately remind us.

So for us this is real. This is not about a “high” or simply a fun, recreational choice (In fact, you can’t get high on CBD hemp – Learn more about that here!).

For us, this is about giving a little girl the ability to live a normal life. It’s about giving that normalcy and peace of mind to anyone searching for it.

We specialize in dry herb because it is the most cost effective way to use CBD. It’s also pure; we know what we are getting and so do you.

No fillers. No complicated labels. Just a plant and lab test results showing exactly what is in it.

Pure and Simple. Just the way we like it.